If you feel like you are up for a challenge, a friendly game with your family and/or friends, or just a leisurely game all by yourself, but you feel that the game should have physical health benefits too, you are more than welcome to take full benefit of our indoor badminton facilities. With state-of-the-art equipment and an ambience in which your playing will be as exciting as beneficial, you are sure to come here daily while your stay.


If you love to indulge in indoor games and would like to keep that practice maintained while your stay at Club Nirvana, our Billiards and Snooker rooms are just the right thing for you. Even if you have not played these games before, try them here because we make your experience highly fun-filled, with equipment that you would compel you to play, owing to the great comfort level that it carries. So come, have fun with known or even unknown people and create some unforgettable memories.


Romance often blossoms in a magical setting, and we create that aura for you. The luscious ambience, with a perfect combination of intimacy and seclusion shall bring to you a complete package of expressing your love to your beloved.

The indulgent streaks of the candle-lit hubs will provide you the perfect escape in the lap of comfort and luxury.


We, at Nirvana Hotels, strive to provide the ultimate range of grape feasts, cocktails, mocktails, etc. to the ecstatic you! Our serving outlets bring to you the most happening experience of celebration.


What would be better than rising up to freshly baked, beautifully served morning feast in the leap of natural beauty and cool breeze? Yes, sounds just so amazing.

Bring in your friends and family to witness the right spot to wind down.

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